STOP MOUSTIC Lotion spray

Bottle of 160ml
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CFA 551 / Unit
60 pieces in the box

STOP MOUSTIC Anti-mosquito lotion is developed to effectively repel mosquitoes and prevent diseases such as malaria. It also helps keep wasps, bees and flies away. Protects you effectively against mosquito bites and soothes the skin in case of bites. It is suitable for the whole family from 36 months age. It leaves a non-greasy film onto the skin and does not stain clothes.
Product benefits
• Repels effectively mosquitoes
• Helps prevent diseases such as malaria
• Protects the skin from mosquito bites
• Soothes the skin in case of bites
• Long term protection
How to use
Spray on all uncovered parts of the body. For an application onto the face, spray the hands and apply onto the cheeks and forehead by avoiding the eyes and mouth. Then wash your hands. Do not exceed 3 applications per day.

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