SIVODERM Purifying lotion for sensitive skin

Bottle of 70ml
144 pieces in the box

SIVODERM purifying cleansing lotion for sensitive skin provides deep cleansing of sensitive skin. It helps remove impurities, surface dead cells and excess sebum. It tones and regenerates the epidermis while tightening the pores. With a simple and gentle gesture, it cleanses the skin by removing blackheads, pimples and spots without aggressing it.
Product benefits
Refreshes and revitalizes the skin.
Cleans the skin deeply.
Removes impurities.
Tonifies and regenerates the epidermis.
Sanitizes the skin by removing blackheads.
Fresh and purified skin.
How to use
SIVODERM Purifying Lotion for Sensitive Skin is used without dilution. To apply with a cotton by light taps while insisting onto the affected areas (face, back and décolleté). The ideal is to use it day and night after cleaning and drying your skin so that it benefits the best effects of your care applied thereafter.

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