FA WHITENING and CARE roll-on Deodorant

Bottle of 50ml
24 pieces in the box

Test and discover the FA WHITENING and CARE deodorant for long-lasting protection. Its dermatologically tested skin-friendly formula gives you a 48 hour-protection, that prevents the skin of the underarms from blackening. It evens the complexion of the skin and keeps it soft and without irritation. Unique formula with extracts of Licorice, Allantoin and vitamin C.
Product benefits
Effective protection from body odour
Prevents underarm skin from blackening
Evens skin tone and keeps it soft and irritated
Soft formula for the skin, tested under dermatological control until 48 hours.
How to use
Apply after shower morning, night or as needed. Let dry before putting on clothes or jewelry to avoid stains. Keep out of the reach of children.

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