SULFUR-18 Anti-dandruff hair conditioner

Bottle of 500ml
48 pieces in the box

Antiseptic treatment with the sulfur, the SULFUR-18 hair conditioner (new anti-dandruff formula) stimulates the scalp. It fights germs, microbes associated to dandruff. Facilitates the hairstyling, relieves itching and makes hair more supple.
Product benefits
Softens the hair fiber
Moisturizes the hair
Fights germs, microbes associated to dandruff.
Relieves itching
How to use
After shampooing, apply the SULFUR-18 conditioner to rinsed hair. Massage delicately. Let rest a few minutes for better penetration of the conditioner. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry gently.

Range complements

Bottle of 120g