Blue IDEAL SKIN Moisturizing Cream

Pot of 150ml
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CFA 300 / Unit
96 pieces in the box

A true moisturizing bath, IDEAL SKIN body cream moisturizes and protects sensitive skin. It offers an exceptional formula enriched with vitamins which contributes to the reinforcement of the natural defenses of the skin and fights skin aging by regeneration of the epidermis cells.
Its light, velvety texture instantly penetrates, for a perfectly moisturized skin, supple and protected daily.
Product benefits
Moisturizes and protects the skin
Delays the effects of aging
Promotes cell regeneration
Softens and smoothes the epidermis
How to use
Apply the IDEAL SKIN cream directly after the shower day and night onto the skin, spread it out and massage evenly. Used daily, IDEAL SKIN moisturizes and softens your skin.

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