BIOCARROT Lightening Body cream

Pot of 150ml
48 pieces in the box

Made with carrot oil and fruit acids, the BIOCARROT cream unifies the complexion while gradually reducing blemishes and skin imperfections. It gently clarifies the skin while respecting its balance and well-being. Moisturized, the skin is smoother, luminous and pleasantly perfumed.
Product benefits
• Unifies and clarifies the skin
• Softens the skin and gets it supple
• Moisturizes the skin
• Gradually reduces blemishes and imperfections
• Softens the skin
How to use
Apply your BIOCARROT cream, day and night ont a clean and dry skin.
Insist onto the tough areas: knees, fingers and joints. The use of the product must not exceed 15 days. Let the skin rest for 2 weeks between each application.
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